Media & Advocacy

Our physicians are deeply engaged in media outreach, educating and advocating on matters concerning contraception and abortion. Here are some of our recent appearances:

Hall, R. Getting an IUD hurts. Does it have to? CBC The Current: Matt Galloway – April 2024 – Link to report

Hall, R. IUD Sedation. CBC As It Happens: Interviewer Nil Koksal – April 2024 Link to transcript  

Hall, R. IUD wait times expected to fall after B.C. increases doctors’ compensation. CBC News: Michelle Morton -Jan 2024 Link to report

Hall, R. B.C. doctors say pay boost for IUD insertions will reduce patient pain, waitlists. CTV News Vancouver Island: Anna McMillan – Jan 2024 Link to report

Hall, R. Getting an IUD can hurt. BC Doctors say it doesn’t have to. CTV News Victoria: Anna McMillan – November 2023 Link to report

Hall, R. How universal contraception coverage is impacting people in B.C. Medical Post: Diane Peters – September 2023 Link to report – requires registration

Hall, R. A year after Roe fell, where does anti-abortion rhetoric stand in Canada? Global News: Sean Previl – June 2023 Link to report 

Hall, R. Why the wait time for IUDs is so long in B.C. CBC On the Coast :Interviewer Gloria Macarenko – May 2023 Link to radio segment

Hall, R. Vancouver doctor concerned long IUD wait times will lead to unintended pregnancies. CBC News: Michelle Morton – May 2023 Link to report

Hall, R. Free birth control program creating months-long wait at some B.C. clinics: expert CTV News Your Morning: Natasha O’Neill – May 2023 Web and TV Link

Hall, R. & Henriquez, B. B.C. clinics struggle to keep up with demand for IUD insertions. Globe & Mail: Carly Weeks – May 2023  Link to report

Hall, R. IUD clinic gets 400 insertion requests in BC’s first two days of free birth control. Daily Hive: Carly Weeks – May 2023 Link to report

Hall, R. Vancouver doctor says demand for IUDs outstrips ability to provide them. City News Vancouver: Angela Bower – April 2023 Web and TV Link

Hall, R. Doctors brace for a nationwide shortage of abortion pills. CBC News: Marina von Stackelberg – February 2023 Link to report

Hall, R. What do I need to know about IUDs? CBC The Dose: Dr. Brian Goldman – June 2022 Link to podcast

Hall, R. New birth control options – contraceptive implants. CKNW Sunday Night Health Show: Maureen McGrath – January 2022 Link to transcript

Weibe, E. Meet the ‘IUD Whisperer’ Doctor Who Proved Abortion Pills Are Safe. Vice: Emily McCarty – May 2017 Link to report

Weibe, E. New abortion pill rollout hits regulatory snag in B.C. CBC News: Maryse Zeidler – July 2016

Weibe, E. A new kind of mid-life crisis: Unwanted pregnancies. MacLeans: Tamsin MacMahon – August 2014 Link to article