Miscarriages occur frequently, with approximately 1 in 6 pregnancies ending in miscarriage. Having a miscarriage does not necessarily indicate any underlying medical issues, nor does it elevate the risk of experiencing a second miscarriage. If you have been diagnosed with miscarriage you have three options for mangement. 

  1. Wait for the miscarriage to resolve naturally over time. We don’t know when your bleeding will happen. It could be within days or weeks. Many people manage well but some require pain medication or further treatment to ensure all the tissue is expelled.
  2. Medication management. At Willow Clinic, we provide medical treatment for miscarriages which may help you to time the start of the bleeding and help to ensure all the tissue is expelled compared to waiting. During your initial visit, you will undergo an examination and ultrasound conducted by our doctor, while a counselor or video will explain the procedure and medications involved. Following this, you will administer the medications at home and can expect bleeding and cramping. A follow-up appointment will then be scheduled for one week later to ensure the completion of the process. The medication used to treat miscarriage is the same medication used for medication abortion. Please see our Medication Abortion page for more information before booking your appointment.
  3. Surgical management. You can also have a procedure to remove the pregnancy tissue form your uterus. This can be done by referral to a gynaecologist or early pregnancy assessment clinic. Some abortion clinics also provide this service. See our Resources page for more information.


In order to book an appointment with us for medication management of your miscarriage you do need to have had an ultrasound confirming that your pregnancy is no longer growing. Have your doctor fax a referral to 604-251-8842 or you can call us directly without a referral at (604) 709-5611 to schedule an appointment.